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  • Thank you so much for looking after me. my back feels great and I can now actually spend a day without this crippling pain.

    Mrs S.B.
  • Thank you Anju for a wonderful indain head massage. I feel so relaxed and stress free. thank you and see you soon.

    Mrs C.K
  • Hi Kam,
    Thank you for helping me with my injury. my knee feels great and can do lots more now.

    Cory Tait, MMA fighter
  • Fantastic service, great staff, thanks for all your help.

    Mr. A.M
  • Thank you Kam for helping my back pain. have suffered for years and now i can walk pain free

    Sylvia Hauser, Car racing champion


Christmas ....lose the Pounds not the £££'s So its that time of the year again Eaten too much, drunk too much , not moved much and still have the chocolates and treats lying around at home in the way needing to be finished. As we don’t like waste do we. So as you sit there looking at the treats and thinking abut how many calories you may have actually consumed over the last week. You surf the net, look at social media what do you see, adverts of the next big thing in weight loss, a super potion that will magically melt away those pounds with very little effort, the super discounted gym membership signing you up for a years contract. You think right, ill finish off all these treats and start fresh in the new year, as you promise yourself the gym contract and the super strict diet you decide you can reward yourself for having such positive thoughts and finish off the last bit of the chocolates, these calories don’t actually count right, now that you have made a plan to join the gym in the new year. The reality is most people start the year with a new leaf, all good intentions and spend lots of money on paying for diet plans or club membership’s upfront. Not cheap on top of the Christmas cost. But we do this, as we are so full of guilt due to over indulging over the festive period. This is yet another opportunity for clever marketing to entice us when we are guilt ridden with the excesses of Christmas. SAVE YOUR MONEY Getting healthier and eating well does not have to involve spending lots of money or entering hefty legal contracts. Dont make promises to yourself that you will not be able to keep, first step is to be realistic and practical. The all or nothing approach inevitably ends in disappointment and leads to a cycle of failure and further guilt leading to comfort or binge eating .Here’s some easy steps to get you started on the road to a healthier you in the coming weeks and months. 1. Focus on your goals, is it weight loss, better control of your health conditions. Set yourself markers to aim for, is it a pair of trousers you want to fit into, be able to walk up the stairs without getting out of breath or maybe better blood sugar levels, better blood pressure – set a goal personal to you that you can aim for and measure this on a weekly basis. 2. Find 20 -30 minutes in your day, this is your me time to do something for yourself, go for a walk around the block in the morning , lunchtime or in the evening. Walking is good for you on so many levels and you will burn an additional 150 -250 calories depending on the pace of your walk. Aim to walk 10,000 steps in a day. 3. Download a fitness app on your phone – these are free and can help you track your calorie intake and physical activity levels 4. Keep a food diary, identify your weak points in the day when you reach out for the snacks. Is it in the afternoon or mid morning – be prepared with a low calorie alternative to biscuits/cakes/crisps. 5. Eat regular meals through the day, avoid eating large meals in the evening get a smaller dinner plate this will help you reduce our portion sizes 6. Eat more fruits and vegetable’s through out the day these will help you feel fuller and provide many essential minerals and vitamins. We will be offering a weight loss support service with regular follow ups and support for you to make lifestyle changes proven to improve your health and fitness levels. To join email ................. Or call to book your consultation